Michigan Winter Dog Classic 2016

The Winter Dog Classic is an annual event that features educational demonstrations, obedience and conformation judging, breed seminars and more than 160 breeds of man’s best friend! Doggie Latchkey loves to support all businesses and non-profits in the pet industry in Metro Detroit and were honored to have Kelsey attend this amazing event.

We are so […]

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Did you know that if you see a dog in a hot car you think may be in danger, you can call 911 and local law enforcement has the authority to enter the vehicle? The difference in temperature inside a parked car is staggering, even with the windows left down an inch or two. You […]

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Human Foods You Can Share With Your Dogs

Most dog owners are familiar with the feeling – you sit down to eat and your dog is at your feet waiting for table scraps. Sometimes this process begins even before you start eating, when you’re in the kitchen preparing meals! Doggie Latchkey would like to share with our audience 5 human foods that are […]

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Paws, Claws and Corks

The Humane Society of West Michigan is hosting their 3rd annual Paws, Claws and Corks event soon in Grand Rapids. This extravagant fundraising event will be held Monday, March 30th 2015 in the Steelcase Ballroom at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, MI.

This fun-filled night will include tastings from some of Grand Rapid’s best restaurants […]

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Daily Dog Walking

Daily Dog Walking
The Importance of Daily Dog Walking
When setting healthy lifestyle goals for yourself, considering including your pet into the equation too.
Just like humans, pets thrive when exercise is a part of their daily routine. Don’t let your dog become a
couch pooch! Dogs are born with a natural tendency for exercise and responsible pet owners […]

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Professional Pet Photography

Sit, Stay and Say Cheese!
It’s time to make room for some photos of your favorite pets up on the
wall.  Professional pet photography is the latest addition to the
photography craze currently sweeping the world.  We can’t think of a
better way to capture the bond between an owner and their four legged
friend than a professional photo shoot.

Gather […]

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What to do if your Dog Escapes

Dog on the Loose!
Every pet owner has been there at one point or another – a dog on the loose. Regardless of the

reasoning, it happens! Maybe you left the gate open, or they snuck out an open door, or a leash

broke. Accidents and mishaps like these happen to all pet owners. Consider taking some of […]

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Pica (Eating Things That Aren’t Food)

Pica (Eating Things That Aren’t Food)
The consumption of nonfood items is a disorder called pica. Although pica can be a sign that a dog’s diet is lacking in some nutrient, when pica occurs in puppies and young dogs the most common culprit is boredom. Occasionally, eating nonfood items develops into compulsive behavior, resulting in a […]

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Can Pets Make Us Better People?

The guy who leaves his dog’s poop outside of my house every morning notwithstanding, having a pet may actually help you become a better person, according to new research published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Science. 

While more than 20 years of science has looked at the health benefits humans reap from having a pet, including lowering blood […]

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Professional Pet Sitting in Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids

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