Daily Dog Walking

The Importance of Daily Dog Walking

When setting healthy lifestyle goals for yourself, considering including your pet into the equation too.
Just like humans, pets thrive when exercise is a part of their daily routine. Don’t let your dog become a
couch pooch! Dogs are born with a natural tendency for exercise and responsible pet owners take the
time to understand the breed and physical demands of that particular breed and plan accordingly.

A common misconception is “I have a fenced in back yard, so my dog is getting plenty of exercise in
the backyard.” Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In order for a pet to get the right amount
of exercise outdoors, it requires a partner to encourage running laps, catching a ball or Frisbee. Dogs
don’t understand that the goal of going outside is to wear off energy, so get out there and get active
with them!

Do you have a pet that barks the second you let him outside? Our guess is he’s begging for
you to join him – so dive in and enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend. If you can’t, Doggie Latchkey
offers a variety of pet sitting packages that include outdoor play for your active pet. This service is
especially beneficial for puppies!

Ok, so your schedule is so busy that you don’t have time to get out and exercise for yourself, let alone
make time for exercising with the dog. WE UNDERSTAND! At the same time you are frustrated that
lately your dog has been chewing, digging hole in the yard, getting in the trash or is hyperactive. These
are all signs of a dog who is not getting enough exercise. Doggie Latchkey offers daily dog walking
packages that will help reduce animal anxiety, stress and boredom. Give our walking services a try, and
you’ll likely be coming home to a completely different animal, who’s mental and physical demands have
been met.

There is no shame in not being able to get out and exercise with your dog every day. Our professional
pet sitters at Doggie Latchkey are available to walk your dog, play catch in the backyard and more.
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