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Most dog owners are familiar with the feeling – you sit down to eat and your dog is at your feet waiting for table scraps. Sometimes this process begins even before you start eating, when you’re in the kitchen preparing meals! Doggie Latchkey would like to share with our audience 5 human foods that are not only safe for canine consumption, but have great benefits for your dogs health!

Salmon – High in Omega fatty acids, Salmon can help support your dog’s immune system and is also good for their skin and coats. Be aware, however, that salmon should be cooked before feeding it to your furry best friends.

Pumpkin – An excellent source of fiber, pumpkin can help keep your dog’s GI tract operating at high efficiency. Pumpkin is also Doggie Latchkey’s go-to home remedy for puppies with an upset stomach.

Eggs – Did you know cooked eggs can be an excellent treat to use while training your puppy? Eggs are high in protein and, just as pumpkin, can be a relief for dogs suffering from digestive upset.

Apples – A wonderfully nutritious and crunchy treat, apples are a fan favorite among the dogs in our household! The skin of apples is full of phytonutrients, thought to be a deterrent to some forms of cancer in humans. Dogs should never be allowed to eat the apple core though! Apple seeds contain cyanide and should not be ingested.

Flax Seed – Another great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, flax seed is also great for dogs’ skin and coat and is easy to supplement to regular feedings. The flax seed should be ground up just before feedings, as these types of fats have a tendency to turn rancid quickly.