Our variety of “Blue Ribbon” Pet Sitting services fit your pets’ every need.

Cat Sitting | Daily Dog Walking | Certified Dog Training | Overnight Pet Sitting | Pet Transportation | Puppy Care | Vacation Pet Sitting

Doggie Latchkey’s “Blue Ribbon Pet Sitting” services are available 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Our standard pet sitting hours are 6 AM to 11 PM, however if you require services outside of these hours, we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.

Availability varies based on time of year and current client requests.  We highly suggest at least 72 hours advanced notice when possible. Emergency pet sitting appointments are available.

Preparing for the Pet Sitter

Preparing your pet

  • Make Doggie Latchkey reservations early, especially during holidays
  • Leave pet food, treats, leash and supplies in one place
  • Medications should be clearly marked
  • Make sure that your pet has a collar with current identification tags
  • You may want to leave an item of your clothing as a “security blanket” for
    your pet
  • Write a list of possible favorite hiding places (if applicable)
  • Notify Doggie Latchkey of any off-limit areas of your home, both for your pets and your pet sitter
  • Adjust your thermostat for your pet’s comfort before leaving
  • Please leave an outside light on (or on timers) if your pet sitter is to arrive after dark
  • Notify your alarm company of Doggie Latchkey visits
  • Notify your vet that your animals will be in Doggie Latchkey’s care

Preparing your home

  • Place cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, towels, etc. where they will be
    easily accessible
  • List any “off limit” areas of your home for pets or sitter
  • Consider leaving a television or radio on for your pet
  • Make sure your garage door is locked or secured
  • Inform your neighbors of your absence and use of a pet sitter
  • Prepare the lock-box (if you choose not to participate in the Ready-Key Service)

Cat Sitting

Our name may imply that we provide “dog’s only” services, but Doggie Latchkey loves cats too! Cats are just as important members of our families and deserve a little pampering as well. Most cat owners know all too well that changes in environment can be very traumatic for their cats. Click here to learn more about our In-Home Cat Sitting service.

Daily Dog Walking

Our Daily Dog Walking services can be adjusted for the needs of each individual dog. A high energy dog, such as a Border Collie, should be walked for a longer period of time than a toy breed dog, such as the Yorkshire Terrier. Click here to learn more about our Daily Dog Walking services.

Certified Dog Training

Doggie Latchkey is passionate about animals and dedicated to providing the highest level of Board-Certified Training. We have contracted a specialist to provide this service, who is CPDT-KA Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Click here to learn more about our Professional Certified Dog Training.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Doggie Latchkey’s Overnight Pet Sitting service includes two walks, one before bed time and one in the morning. If you are to be away for the entire day, we highly recommend an afternoon walk in addition to the overnight pet sitting. This service is not included in the overnight pet sitting fee, but we are happy to put together a savings package for you. Click here to learn more about our Overnight Pet Sitting service.

Pet Transportation

Doggie Latchkey is Insured and prepared to safely transport your pet to vet appointments, groomers or other locations upon request. We provide “taxi services” with a car harness specially designed for dogs is used to secure your dog during travel. Click here to learn more about our Pet Transportation service.

Puppy Care

Doggie Latchkey’s Professional Puppy Care services are tailored specifically to your pet and will incorporate key puppy training techniques at no additional cost. Click here to learn more about our Puppy Care services.

Extended Vacation Pet Sitting

Doggie Latchkey’s Vacation Pet Sitting packages are designed for pet owners who will be away for more than one night and can be a much better alternative than kennels or boarding facilities. Keep your pets happy and healthy with our In-Home Professional Pet Sitting services. Click here to learn more about our Vacation Pet Sitting service.