Sit, Stay and Say Cheese!

It’s time to make room for some photos of your favorite pets up on the
wall.  Professional pet photography is the latest addition to the
photography craze currently sweeping the world.  We can’t think of a
better way to capture the bond between an owner and their four legged
friend than a professional photo shoot.

Gather your squeaky toys and head off to memorable settings to capture
the best pet portraits and one worthy of space a permanent space on
the wall.  Pet photography is not a new concept, but it is increasing
in popularity lately.  Don’t be fooled though, this is not an easy
task for a photography and you’ll want to make sure you hire a very
skilled professional in order to get the images you deserve of your
beloved pet.

We recommend thinking about the personality traits you want to capture
of your pet and places that might complement those traits.  Props,
toys and the perfect setting are a match made in heaven for the image
that will last a lifetime.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine your furry
friend won’t be around forever, so take the time now to look into
getting your pooches’ picture taken.  And if you’re lacking
inspiration, head over to Pinterest to find an endless supply of pet
photos to get the ideas flowing.  Depending on personal preference
think about doing something fun with props, or you could strive to
achieve a piece of fine art too!  Another thing a lot of pet owners
are doing is posing alongside their pets, capturing moments and
memories that will stay with you forever.

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