Green Lantern Pizza

Learn about one of Doggie Latchkey’s favorite places to eat Detroit-style pizza

Welcome to Doggie Latchkey’s second installment of our favorite local eats, this week focusing on Detroit-style piza. If you missed last week’s article about our famous Detroit style coney dogs and you are not familiar with the family drama that created two of Detroit’s most iconic casually eateries, we highly encourage you to go back and read…and then hopefully go try them for yourself!

Doggie Latchkey knows many of our clients are new to Metro Detroit, so we are going to feature another food item the Motor City is proud to call our own, and one you may not be familiar with. Today we are talking about Detroit-style pizza.

What is Detroit-Style Pizza?

Non-native Detroiters often confuse Detroit-style pizza with that of our Windy City rivals’ deep-dish version, but this delicious pie will not have you sinking to the bottom of Lake St Clair after one slice! The light and airy dough of a Detroit-style pizza is as unique as the crispy, browned cheese that lines the edge of the pie, the dollop of warm sauce atop the Wisconsin brick cheese and rectangular industrial pans they are cooked in.

The roots of the Detroit-style pizza trace back to a time when Buddy’s Pizza is said to have made the very first versions of this Motor City institution in an industrial steel pan used by Detroit’s auto factory workers. There is no controversy here, Detroiters and pizza purveyors alike agree that all things Detroit-style pizza were born with Buddy’s.

Green Lantern Pizza

Today we would like to share one of our favorite places to eat one of these Detroit delicacies. Green Lantern Pizza, another institution with a history lesser known than that of the restaurant that started it all. Founders Thomas and Irene Vettraino chose the unique restaurant name after purchasing an old farmhouse that featured a green lantern – a sign in the times of prohibition that one could find an alcoholic beverage inside. Today, one of their eight Metro Detroit locations are one of our favorite spots to pull up a stool and share a beer, laughs and one of the city’s best Detroit-style Pizzas.

Where To Find This Amazing Pizza

Doggie Latchkey’s eastside readers will find this most helpful as you can visit Green Lantern Pizza in Berkley, Clinton Township, Macomb, Madison Heights, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Shelby Township and Troy.

We encourage you to stop by and try a slice of pizza Detroiters have loved since 1955 (And a bottle of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk if stouts suit your tastes). If you do, we hope you will stop back by our blog and leave a comment letting us know how you liked it. And please feel free to share your favorite spots for Detroit-style pizza.