Who Is Doggie Latchkey?

Not Just a Pet Sitting Company Our Story.

The Doggie Latchkey Story

A life-long pet owner, Denise founded Doggie Latchkey out of necessity. There were no in-home pet-sitting companies offering services in 2009 when she was planning a vacation that would take her away from her beloved standard poodle, Carlton. Denise would not take him to a kennel, a personal decision that she felt strongly about. There must be a better solution, and at this moment the idea of Doggie Latchkey was born.

This was not a job, rather a passion…She did it for the love of the animals and the satisfaction derived from providing pet owners such as herself a more desirable option, one that would keep their pets in an environment where they are the most comfortable, in their own homes!

The earliest clients could see the enthusiasm that Denise had for this industry and the dedication that she showed for their pets. Word of mouth spread so quickly that after a few short months she needed to begin to build her team. Everything began to fall into place at a fast pace…from the start, she envisioned a company that was built around a team of people instead of individuals. This team-building concept continues to be one of the core tenets of Doggie Latchkey to this day, always making sure there is a backup plan for every sit and that the pets entrusted to her care would never be in peril. More than 12 years later, Doggie Latchkey has performed over a half million pet sitting assignments, and its team of professional pet sitters that share her love, passion, and dedication to this work continues to grow!

Six Time Recipient of Detroit’s Best - Pet Sitting Service

We are so comfortable using Doggie LatchKey that we are using them again in June. All the great reviews online are true. No doubt as to why they’ve been the WDIV “Best of” for years running. Hats off to Doggie Latchkey!



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