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Our name may imply that we provide “dogs only” services, but Doggie Latchkey loves cat sitting too! Cats are important members of our families and deserve a little pampering as well. Doggie Latchkey’s in-home cat sitting service can be the perfect solution for you, and it’s a great alternative to cat hotels or cat-boarding facilities.

In-Home Cat Care

Doggie Latchkey’s cat sitting services are also great for those felines that do not like car travel. There is no need to drive your cat to the boarding facility or cat hotel, relieving much stress for those cats that are negatively affected by changes in their environments.

Our cat sitting services are not just for cat owners going on vacation; they are also great for busy professionals stuck at the office, unable to get home to give their cats the affection they deserve. Doggie Latchkey’s cat sitting services can also be essential for those cat owners suffering from illness or injury that does not allow them to give their cats the care they deserve.

Cats can be fickle creatures and most cat owners know the anxiety that a trip away from home can cause. They can be very independent and self-sufficient but cats still need daily human interaction. Contrary to popular belief, cats crave attention just like humans and dogs.

We recommend one visit per day as the standard in cat sitting services for these reasons. Cats that require more attention or medication may benefit from twice daily visits.

Our cat sitting services are always designed with your cat’s unique needs in mind.

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Schedule Your Dates

Once you’ve registered, choose your services and simply provide us with the dates and times that you’ll need us

We Connect With You

Now you’re part of the Doggie Latchkey Family and your own Doggie Latchkey Customer Service Representative will contact you to ensure that everything is in order. We take pride in taking this extra step to make sure that you’re always comfortable entrusting us to look after your beloved pets

Schedule your Meet & Greet

After we have your specific dates and times in our system, it’s time to set up your meet & greet with your Doggie Latchkey fully insured and bonded professional pet sitter. We can meet in your home, or provide you with a virtual meet and greet should you prefer 

Leave The Rest To Us

Doggie Latchkey has you covered and will provide you with texts, photos and other updates as requested!

There is no word other than AWESOME! Doggie Latchkey put my mind completely at rest when I went on vacation for a week, the first time I had ever been away from my cats


Bonnie B.

Doggie Latchkey’s professional pet sitters are available for in-home overnight pet care.

Your pets will enjoy hours of individual attention focused on playtime, indoor and outdoor exercise, and get lots of praise and affection that cats and dogs need while you are away. The overnight pet sit ensures your pets will have the time of their life and expel lots of energy to ensure they get a good night’s rest.

Doggie Latchkey’s overnight pet sitting service includes

Doggie Latchkey Cat Sitting FAQs

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